Play your way

Moon Tropica is an expansive open world experience that incorporates community, crypto culture and current events.

Travel the islands, unlock quests, solve puzzles and conquer dungeons on your way to ever growing glory!


Wager $CAH against other players in high-stake matches and tournaments. Take on other challengers in a variety of game modes such as Battle Arena, 1v1 Duel, Battle Royale & more. Become one of the most feared competitors.


Embark on adventures as a solo or team up with your friends and take part in dozens of crypto inspired quests and challenges for a variety of earning opportunities. Choose your own path to greatness.

Real world Economics

Find your role in the Moon Tropica metaverse
Be one of the few who can supply certain assets to other players
Become an in-game entrepreneur and own a business to earn while you're asleep

Community Centric

Owned and governed by the DAO
Inspired and upgraded by the community
Designed to expand indefinitely into the future
Crypto culture and meme infused storyline

Real Ownership

Build and personalize your own spot in Moon Tropica
Be one of the few who possess scarce assets
Reap the benefits of land plotted in the most sought after regions