When will Moon Tropica be released?

We're set to unveil the initial PvP module in 2024, marking the first step in the continuous development of the Moon Tropica ecosystem into the future.

Will Moon Tropica work on a Mac?

Apple device compatibility is in the pipeline and is planned to be available at a later date.

What are the system requirements?

System requirements are TBA.

Do I need crypto to play the game?

Moon Tropica is a free-to-play game. Players can play, earn XP, and receive rewards without owning CAH.

How can I buy the CAH token?

Moon Tropica's native token, CAH, can be purchased on Uniswap.

When will the contract be renounced?

We aim to forfeit ownership of the Ethereum contract in either Q1 or Q2 2024 when the integration of $CAH and asset bridging across planned chains are completed. These admin functions were always intended to be temporary and minimally used to ensure security within the ecosystem and allow us to create the proper economic scenario as we did not conduct a token pre-sale or IDO/ICO.