What is Moon Tropica?

Moon Tropica is a spirited battle arena game where players participate in a variety of action-packed game modes. Engage in competitive combat, either alongside or against fellow players, as you strive to elevate your character's prowess and amass the most coveted and rare items available within the game world. Your journey unfolds in a lively and dynamic gaming environment, ensuring a thrilling experience with every match.

Game Details

Release Date



PC, Mobile


Free To Play

Age Rating



Single Player

Co-op (2-4)


Become A Legend

Step into the adventurous, energetic, heart-pounding battle arenas where strategy, skill, and determination are put to the ultimate test. Earn XP progression, complete quests, conquer challenges, and receive rewards all while customizing your fully dynamic character from head-to-toe.

The World Is Yours

Expand your creative horizons and put your imagination to work in Moon Tropica: Universe. Create entirely new worlds and experiences within Moon Tropica and share them online with friends and players.

Create, modify, and experiment in Build Mode to formulate the perfect interactive experience. Utilize our robust creator tools to manage world development, improve world engagement, and monetize your efforts.

Collector's Corner

Discover exclusive wearables and limited edition assets that not only reflect your in-game achievements but also become coveted symbols within the community.

Turn every virtual discovery into a social celebration, where the pursuit of rarity becomes a shared passion among friends and strangers in the land of Moon Tropica.